Charles John - NTUC Income

Dear sir/madam,
I had an accident on 4th April 2014 at Jalan Buroh Circle. The car was sent to a workshop only on 9th April 2014, as some time was probably needed to inspect and allow time to select a repair worksop. However, I am happy and very satisfied that NTUC reacted fast on this matter. I was happy that the service person who answered the call for inquiries was polite and informative explaning the repair and evaluation process analytically.

Another mention would be that the workshop that NTUC had awarded this repair was very good. Not only they were professional, they were friendly and service oriented, from the contact person Miss Wei Ling and all their mechanics. The moment car arrived at their workshop, they contacted me and kept me posted on a daily base to inform me of the status of my car repair. The complete erepair was done and completed within 34 days. This is something which I had not experienced elsewhere at other workshop. I felt that I owe this reply and thanks to NTUC, certainly cementing my confidence in working with you further on my car insurance needs.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Charles John

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